Pre-Catch-Up Catch-Up

Wow.. six months without an update?! Well I’m not gonna break it all down right now, but suffice it to say that I’m back in Los Angeles.

I’m working with a wonderful company called ToneMesa that ‘s owned by the very awesome Daniel S. McCoy. We met in DC over the summer and in October he graciously brought me into the fold as a location sound mixer and is helping me get into the audio engineer’s union. I’m so grateful.

The artwork had tapered off some, and I’m now getting it going again. My new studio space was just acquired in the last few weeks and it’s being setup as a true workspace for all things art/music/ride. In fact, there will be a new composite piece rolling out in the next few days or so. First of 2013!

Plus I’ve built one bicycle and have a second one in the pipeline.. and I’ll be transplanting a new transmission into my old truck in the next couple of weeks as well. Also, last but not least, I’ll be hauling my little sailboat out of the water and doing bottom work sometime in the next few months. So projects truly abound and that’s what I’m doing.

More detailed reports are on their way.. but right now I’m off to the climbing gym to stay in touch with my simian roots and hang from from stuff.




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