Hello world, it’s Adamthelizard

Here I am greeting the world again! I haven’t really blogged in the last year and a half but I did it quite steadily for a couple years before that. You can click here to explore my blog motorbikemessengerfun. There are 170 stories spanning a couple years, most with pictures and a handful with video.

I spent 9+ years working full-time riding a motorcycle around LA. So when I got the smartphone and started doing a lot of stories, I tried to make them funny and subversive. I’d been at the work long enough the be over it. Yet there I was just hooked on the thrill of riding everyday and the impression, if not the reality, of freedom.

Freedom is a tricky thing.. it seems to require the acknowledgment of Truth. Ignorance may be bliss.. but Truth is beauty, even when it’s ugly. We all need to make this life more beautiful while we are here living it. It is the reflection of the divine.

Getting out of the motorcycle courier racket was the first step I took towards a more beautiful life. Now I like to think of my composites, and my still photos, as something beautiful for people to experience in the world. Plus, I ride my bicycle a lot these days and people seem to lighten up when I ride by and smile. I’m doing my thing. Please stay tuned.


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