Play Ball

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Alternately titled: “Shoot the Fed, Get Detained and Questioned.” I stopped because I liked the baseball-themed sculpture on the building’s front lawn and decided to take some pictures. I didn’t initially realize that this was the home of the Federal Reserve. After a couple minutes of shooting, the two officers came out and detained me, asked for ID, and questioned me at great length.

They even tried to make me delete the photos I took of them, so I fumbled around with the camera, pushing a few buttons, and proclaimed it all gone. Ooops, I guess I missed a few! It made me feel really creepy and I didn’t like the energy. I’m an artist, not a criminal.  Because a person taking photos is simply exercising his first amendment right to free speech, I’ll donate 50% of all money earned through the sale of this piece to the ACLU who fights to protect our freedom of expression.

Ultimately, I liked the contrast between the  metal players and the stone-faced authority figures. These guys must be so on edge. After all, they’re guarding a building where the value of our money is tinkered with by policy wonks.