Maca - Atl

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The cargo bike stopped me in my tracks and I had to examine it. At that point I started to appreciate the green building and the vendors who’d set up shop there. So I approached them and did my best to ask if I could take their photo. They seemed hesitant and tried to ask me questions but my Spanish is so bad and I struggled to communicate. I think I heard the snack vendor mutter “estupido” and even I knew what that meant. Finally the maca vendor looked at me and said “maca?” Yes, I nodded.

Without getting a portrait of the vendors, and now holding a 16oz glass of freshly concocted root beverage, I wandered alongside the green building.. sipping and looking. Past the far corner, I saw the gates with the sign for the missing boy. I finished my maca drink and snapped a close up of the poster.

This guy was lost in the city and he has down’s syndrome. Seems likely that he was struggling to communicate with people and some of them probably thought he was stupid. I just hope he made it back to his parents safe and sound. Heavy..

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