Burger Battle (Double Serving)

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In this corner, wearing white with red trim. The challenger… Astro! They were here first and they offer a more varied menu than their rival. While they are part of a chain, it’s not nearly as major as the other guys. I guess it’s fair to say that Astro is the underdog.. scrappy and delicious.  Note: the sign in the window informing would-be job-seekers that they should look elsewhere. Tough, tough times for the working stiff.

Adendum: When we visited on the opening day ride, the sign proclaiming “employment applications not being accepted” had been changed, ever so slightly, to say “employment applications now…” and with that one letter difference they’re now ready for some fresh faces. Looks like the economy is improving!

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And in that corner, wearing yellow with green trim. The portly pugilist… Fat! These guys got here after their competitor and focus solely on burgers. They are a larger (yet local) chain, so they are clearly the heavy-hitters in this bout . The place has a very cohesive décor and almost seems to be a prettier version of their neighbors. Note: their answer to a bad economy.. $2.99 burgers for all!

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These two burger joints are right across the street from one another… operating in direct opposition. It’s a good old fashioned slug-fest, so I decided to make these into companion works. Each burger joint’s piece features the other place in the background. While these pieces are, indeed, made to complement one another, they are available for purchase a la’carte.