H’wood steps

A remote trip through the tour stops on Hollywood: Superstars and Working Stiffs 

Enjoy the tour – Adam


From Plummer Park head east on Fountain Ave. The park should be on your right as you ride off towards the first destination. Stay on Fountain and you’ll cross La Brea Ave before reaching your first stop at Highland Ave + Fountain.

First Stop

From here head south on Highland Ave. The stripmall should be over your left shoulder as you head down Highland. The next stop is just a few blocks down Highland on your right hand side. HINT: Look for the bicycle on the roof.

Second Stop

From here continue south on Highland Ave. Free City should be on your right as you head off. Highland will cross Santa Monica Blvd. Continue to your third stop at Willoughby Ave.

Third Stop (a) and Third Stop (b)

Once you’ve seen everything, head west on Willoughby Ave. The Texaco should be over your left shoulder and Alsco over your right as you head off. Continue across Willoughby to the fourth stop at the intersection of La Brea Ave.

Fourth Stop

Continue across Willoughby leaving Mole Richardson on your right and continue until you reach Vista St where you turn right. Head north on Vista to the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd and your fifth stop.

Fifth Stop

From here head west on Santa Monica Blvd. Astro should be over your right shoulder and Fat should be over your left shoulder as you head off. Continue a few blocks across Santa Monica to the intersection with Curson Ave and your sixth stop.

Sixth Stop

From here continue west on Santa Monica Blvd with the carwash on your right. Then turn right on N Spaulding Ave. Head north on N Spaulding until you reach Fountain Ave. Turn right onto Fountain and follow it east to the next stop at the intersection with Gardner Ave.

Final Stop

From here continue east on Fountain ave. The apartment building should be over your left shoulder as you depart. Go a couple blocks and you’ll be back at Plummer Park where your journey began. Thank you very much for joining me on the tour!