H’wood description

Hollywood: Superstars and Working-Stiffs


What it is:

A biking, skating or walking tour that brings the viewer directly to the *subjects* of some artwork made specifically for this event. Come journey through exotic Hollywood! Visit the wild artwork in its natural habitat. See the ferocious carwash! Thrill to the native burger joints as they battle for supremacy. Explore the ancient ruins of bygone gas-stations.


How it works:

Go to the starting point at Plummer Park in Los Angeles and look for one of the lizard-head stickers like the one pictured here. Shoot the sticker with your phone using a QR code reader or type the short URL into your mobile browser. You have now begun the tour! You’ll receive written directions and a map link to aid you in your journey.


At each stop you’ll find another lizard sticker. Shoot the QR code, or follow the URL, and your mobile device will display the artwork related to that location. You’ll also get to read about the process and back-story on each piece before the new set of directions to the next stop.


What’s in store:

There are 9 pieces of art spread out over 7 stops around Hollywood and West Hollywood. The total distance is around 3 miles and can be easily biked in under an hour, plus stops. Cycling the route involves riding on public roads and all necessary safety precautions apply. Please be safe and aware while you have fun.


This show is no longer live, but you can still click here to explore a remote viewing experience of the recent show.. Hollywood: Superstars and Working Stiffs


And here are October 23rd opening day ride photos.                                                     (Huge thanks to Don Anderson for shooting them!)