Life is a ripe and delicious treat. Take a big bite and let the juices run down your chin. I’m serving up my own special recipe. Freshly sliced photos on a delicious bed of raw streets.





As a person who’s been taking photos throughout my life, I realize that a single snapshot is limited to one moment, one static view…




At NYU film school in the 90s, I learned how sequence opens up a narrative and lets a series of images tell a story by unfolding into the dimensions of time and space.




In my photographic art pieces, I explore time and space while still viewing images in their static form, by melding the sequential qualities of moving pictures with the momentary qualities of still photography.



As a long-time meditator and spiritual seeker, I believe that there is one creative force in the universe. One that offers us each perspective and tells every story. Everything and nothing exist in an instant, and I bear witness.



The result is something that’s more than the sum of its parts, while also being vitally about those parts. I observe the world and take in the energy of a particular place.  As I watch a scene, things happen and a story unfolds.



Thank you for looking,