What a great weekend!

It got rolling with First Friday which was highlighted by checking out our buddy Dana’s studio TastySpace which had a bunch of new artwork posted. Then Vin, Nate and I chilled out in front of Vanguard and people-watched. We topped off the night with a visit to LeThai for some of their always-amazing food.

Saturday I was in a shooting-mood and we headed over to the free Dancetronauts party at the El Cortez. My photos are here. Then later we went over to party at Vanguard for the BePM event with some nice deep house music. My photos from that late-night-mayhem are here. My man Vin Armani certainly has some sexy fans!

Sunday night I headed over to Dub Church at the Rio and grooved out to some kickin’ bass music. I brought along my camera and did a bunch of shooting. The photos from that night can be found here. Talk about great people to photograph! You’re all beautiful!

After all that, you’d think I’d be exhausted, but I actually went out for a group bike ride tonight. It was supposed to be a mellow ride with the Freemont Bike Clinic guys, but we ended up meeting the Eastside Ride.. all road bikes (mostly fixed) rolling 50 deep and straight mashing hard. Hustle hustle! Turned out to be a 40+ mile night. I didn’t bring my SLR but there are some cell phone shots here. Now it’s 4am and I should really sleep before the sun comes up.. but I’m still just high on life.

Thanks for a great fuckin’ weekend Las Vegas!



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