..is shaping up to be a good year. Some new composites have been added to the pile including the piece “PeruRail Terminal” that you see below. And even though I have yet to post new music, the seeds are germinating.

The audio for film/tv work has been proceeding like a freight train. Last week I became a member of the I.A.T.S.E. Local 695. I came in at their highest classification: a Y1 sound mixer. Truly an amazing thing to make happen in such a short period of time.

It’s thanks, in no small part, to the awesome people of ToneMesa. I’ve done the work with passion and the Universe has been generous with me. I am very grateful to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. People like you dear readers!

Perurail 2.1_Watermarked_Jpeg

Bet a few of these guys could live better if only they could work union.. and I reckon the rail employees live better because of some sort of collective bargaining agreement. Hmmm


Pre-Catch-Up Catch-Up

Wow.. six months without an update?! Well I’m not gonna break it all down right now, but suffice it to say that I’m back in Los Angeles.

I’m working with a wonderful company called ToneMesa that ‘s owned by the very awesome Daniel S. McCoy. We met in DC over the summer and in October he graciously brought me into the fold as a location sound mixer and is helping me get into the audio engineer’s union. I’m so grateful.

The artwork had tapered off some, and I’m now getting it going again. My new studio space was just acquired in the last few weeks and it’s being setup as a true workspace for all things art/music/ride. In fact, there will be a new composite piece rolling out in the next few days or so. First of 2013!

Plus I’ve built one bicycle and have a second one in the pipeline.. and I’ll be transplanting a new transmission into my old truck in the next couple of weeks as well. Also, last but not least, I’ll be hauling my little sailboat out of the water and doing bottom work sometime in the next few months. So projects truly abound and that’s what I’m doing.

More detailed reports are on their way.. but right now I’m off to the climbing gym to stay in touch with my simian roots and hang from from stuff.




Nice night for a century ride..

It’s not entirely clear to me when I decided to spend the evening traveling 100 miles on my bicycle. Perhaps it was when I grabbed my light as I left the house in Bethesda MD a little before 4pm. The heatwave that’d had its grips on DC for two weeks had finally broken, and I saw a chance to get out and ride.

There wouldn’t be time for a ride the next day, so today was appealing. “It ‘s not getting dark till 8:30 or 9 these days.” I reasoned. “Plenty of time to get in a nice road loop.”

“I’m just bringing the light in case I don’t get back at exactly nine..” I told myself, knowing somewhere deep down that this was utter crap. I’d had hernia surgery just over a month before, and was finally feeling good enough for more distance. My soul seemed to be crying out “long ride, long ride… you need to go for a loooong ride!”  I suppose I didn’t fully listen at that point…

So off I went, heading north, on a pretty familiar route, towards Sugarloaf Mountain. The full trip up to the Mountain is about 37 miles, and makes for a good 75 mile loop when you climb the mountain once and then ride back. This sounded plausible, and my calculations suggested that I could make it back by about 9:30.

Only once I’d done my loop up and down the mountain did I really decide to keep on going. Instead of taking the return road, I headed north on a section of dirt fire-road which flanks the south side of the mountain. The sun was still pretty high in the sky, and it was beautiful out. My plan was to cross the 270 Freeway before running beside it up to Urbana, which is the next major town to the north. This would create a loop around the perimeter of the mountain reserve area and get me out into the 50 mile range. No turning back now!

The trip up to Urbana was hillier than I’d imagined it, and I pulled in at nearly 8pm knowing that the light wasn’t going to be around much longer. The trip through town involved avoiding one very stupid driver as I passed back across the 270 on my way towards the north side of the mountain and my loop back home. Once I’d gotten back onto country roads I discovered that I’d routed myself onto another fire road, and this time it seemed less beautiful.

The sun was dropping fast and I was out in the  middle of nowhere, 50 miles from home, picking my way through mudholes and rocks on my carbon roadbike. I silently wondered “what have I done?” I turned on my taillights figuring that if something horrible happened I’d be easier to find that way. Fear had started nipping at my heels.

The calm voice of reason won out, and I pushed on aware that it was the only rational thing to do. Soon I’d rejoined the paved road and I hustled westward with the mountain over my shoulder. I wanted to get as far along as possible before switching on the front light. The miles slipped away, and I even stopped to snap a shot of my bike with some happy cows.

By around mile 60 I was passing through Poolesville MD on my return route. It was nearing 9pm and I knew I’d need to use the headlight soon. I conserved battery power, sliding through town and waiting to fire up the device till the last streetlights faded away behind me.

Now I had about 20 miles to the next major town, and I was feeling good. Hardly any cars on the roads and the light was making it into a fine ride. It wasn’t till almost mile 70 that I started to get the leg cramps. Seems that I should have stopped in Poolesville for a salty snack. My body needed electrolyte, and I suffered through it wondering how I could be so foolish. Note to self: bring sodium with you on all rides. It works.

When I finally soldiered into Potomac MD, around mile 80, I was pretty wiped. I found the first place I could and stuffed my face with potato chips. My butt was starting to feel it, but the salt was good and I was determined to go the distance. There wasn’t much choice at this point anyway! I needed to get back and figured the route was going to add up.

Around mile 90 I realized I’d have to get creative to make it to the full hundred, so I adjusted course slightly and rolled back into Bethesda at about mile 97. It took a little clever routing of my victory lap through town to ensure that I didn’t cross my own tracks and I made it happen to a nearly uncanny level, arriving home as the odometer ticked up to 100.7 miles. I dumped everything and shot this “post-century pile” shot which sums it up nicely.

All told, it was a strong finish at near midnight and it felt good. Everything worked as it needed to, and I had plenty of power left in both my Apple iPhone and Nightrider Minewt headlight. No flats. No mechanicals. Perfect route length. All recorded to gps. 5800 feet of climbing. Just shy of 15mph average speed and completed solo in under 8 hours (the last three of them dark) including the breaks. Here are my tracks from Strava, and while I’m certainly not setting any serious records I did set the 4th best time for one segment early on. Woo hoo!

Thanks for taking the time to read about my trip! -Adamthelizard


Peru. Episode three: Incan ruins around the city of Cuzco

The Inca were no joke.. and even the stuff that was mostly destroyed by the Spanish is quite impressive. These sites are all within a short drive of downtown Cuzco which was considered by the Inca to be the “navel of the world.” Their empire was huge for a few hundred years there, and their construction here was quite ambitious. Plus, everything is oriented towards the east. They sure did love the sun!


Great bicycle quote..

“The bicycle is the one piece of sporting equipment that’s got more of a role to play outside the arena than inside. Tennis rackets, cricket bats, footballs.. useless outside the arena. Bicycle.. saves the planet. Every time someone gets out of a motorcar and onto a bicycle the world becomes a better place and they become a better person. That’s absolutely established scientific fact.”
-Mike Burrows (bicycle innovator)


Hooray for bikey stuff!

Last weekend’s century was fun..

and so was this weekend’s…

This one, however, was significantly faster! Maybe it was the fact that we didn’t climb so much, but I think it just had to do with the group-ride mentality and the way the pace just kept on getting pushed. And maybe I got a bit stronger too..


Peru. Episode one: ATL gets ups.

Made it back from South America without any exotic diseases or catastrophic injuries! It seems Adamthelizard has got some traction in Peru.. check it out. Stickers in and around the cities of Cuzco, Santa Maria, and Aguas Calientes (i.e. Machu Pichu City.)

I’ve got nearly 5000 photos to go through over the next days and weeks. I’ll be posting them in batches, along with associated stories, right here on this blog. Plus there will be larger collections on my photographer’s website www.adampeterlawrence.com as well as sharing on flickr and facebook. Stay tuned.


Art show. Cross-country move. Travel!


On March 14th 2012, I was honored to open the very first gallery showing of work by Adamthelizard. It happened at Enlighten Image Studio in the town of Rosendale NY.


Thirteen pieces of my work went up for display along with ten pieces by the gallery’s fabulous and talented owner Alexia Rodriguez.

People really seemed to enjoy the work! We didn’t leave the gallery until 1 in the morning.


Accommodations were provided by The 1850 House which is a gorgeous old building that was recently restored and is now a bed and breakfast plus tavern. Everyone there was fantastic, especially Amy and Mike. In fact, it looks like I will be creating a custom composite for them in the near future.


And how did yours truly prepare for this momentous occasion. Why, with an epic cross-country trip in a moving truck.. of course. The journey came complete with a drive through a snowstorm and a near miss between my car-carrier and a gas-pump.


When I suddenly lost my place in Las Vegas, it seemed like a good move to head back east after having spent 15 years away. So yea, after 36 years of life I’m now “that guy” who’s moved into his parent’s guest bedroom while I sort out the next steps. Thank goodness for family!


Also, as I write this I’m about to embark on a two week trip to Peru. My brother and I are going to do a four day trek from Cuzco to Machu Pichu and I’m psyched. Photos and stories will follow. Please stay tuned.



Pancakes and bikes.. the perfect combo!

This past Saturday morning was the first annual pancake breakfast and bike ride at Broken Spoke Bikes.

The event started out with a group ride up Charleston to the Calicos and Red Rock. When we all returned there were loads of fluffy pancakes, cool OJ, and crispy bacon waiting for us. All for free and made with love!



The shop sponsors a team and a bunch of it’s members were present and rocking their kits, looking sharp.




The shop is beautiful and stocked with quality parts. The staff, team members and customers were all super-friendly and made me feel right at home.



It was a great way to start the weekend and nice to see a bike shop being run the right way. Thank you Broken Spoke Bikes!



Mid-week Roundup and video

So I took it easy on Tuesday, rested up from the weekend, and spent some time shamelessly promoting Adamthelizard on facebook. Then on Wednesday I went out on a mountain bike ride and took along my helmet camera. Here is the short video I put together. Thanks to Marly Marl for the awesome soundtrack.

Later on Wednesday evening I went to RPM nightclub at the Tropicana. What a scene! Admittance was free on a list, but my vodka-redbull cost $17.. yowch. But it was all in good fun. My real reason for going was to support my friend Toast‘s wife Bambu as she competed in the GoGoLicious competition. She got second place out, like, 20 ladies, so that seemed like a pretty good result.

I also spent time getting lumber for my dj-booth project and unpacking a lot of books and records. Then this evening, I rode up to REI and got my first pair of climbing shoes. On Monday I’ll go bouldering again.. this time in proper footwear. Can’t wait!

Meanwhile,I reckon I’ll try to get some sleep and prepare for the weekend.

By the way: the video above was shot in standard definition because I still need to get a larger memory card for my helmet cam. The next video will be in high def.. I promise.


What a great weekend!

It got rolling with First Friday which was highlighted by checking out our buddy Dana’s studio TastySpace which had a bunch of new artwork posted. Then Vin, Nate and I chilled out in front of Vanguard and people-watched. We topped off the night with a visit to LeThai for some of their always-amazing food.

Saturday I was in a shooting-mood and we headed over to the free Dancetronauts party at the El Cortez. My photos are here. Then later we went over to party at Vanguard for the BePM event with some nice deep house music. My photos from that late-night-mayhem are here. My man Vin Armani certainly has some sexy fans!

Sunday night I headed over to Dub Church at the Rio and grooved out to some kickin’ bass music. I brought along my camera and did a bunch of shooting. The photos from that night can be found here. Talk about great people to photograph! You’re all beautiful!

After all that, you’d think I’d be exhausted, but I actually went out for a group bike ride tonight. It was supposed to be a mellow ride with the Freemont Bike Clinic guys, but we ended up meeting the Eastside Ride.. all road bikes (mostly fixed) rolling 50 deep and straight mashing hard. Hustle hustle! Turned out to be a 40+ mile night. I didn’t bring my SLR but there are some cell phone shots here. Now it’s 4am and I should really sleep before the sun comes up.. but I’m still just high on life.

Thanks for a great fuckin’ weekend Las Vegas!



Hello world, it’s Adamthelizard

Here I am greeting the world again! I haven’t really blogged in the last year and a half but I did it quite steadily for a couple years before that. You can click here to explore my blog motorbikemessengerfun. There are 170 stories spanning a couple years, most with pictures and a handful with video.

I spent 9+ years working full-time riding a motorcycle around LA. So when I got the smartphone and started doing a lot of stories, I tried to make them funny and subversive. I’d been at the work long enough the be over it. Yet there I was just hooked on the thrill of riding everyday and the impression, if not the reality, of freedom.

Freedom is a tricky thing.. it seems to require the acknowledgment of Truth. Ignorance may be bliss.. but Truth is beauty, even when it’s ugly. We all need to make this life more beautiful while we are here living it. It is the reflection of the divine.

Getting out of the motorcycle courier racket was the first step I took towards a more beautiful life. Now I like to think of my composites, and my still photos, as something beautiful for people to experience in the world. Plus, I ride my bicycle a lot these days and people seem to lighten up when I ride by and smile. I’m doing my thing. Please stay tuned.