Mid-week Roundup and video

So I took it easy on Tuesday, rested up from the weekend, and spent some time shamelessly promoting Adamthelizard on facebook. Then on Wednesday I went out on a mountain bike ride and took along my helmet camera. Here is the short video I put together. Thanks to Marly Marl for the awesome soundtrack.

Later on Wednesday evening I went to RPM nightclub at the Tropicana. What a scene! Admittance was free on a list, but my vodka-redbull cost $17.. yowch. But it was all in good fun. My real reason for going was to support my friend Toast‘s wife Bambu as she competed in the GoGoLicious competition. She got second place out, like, 20 ladies, so that seemed like a pretty good result.

I also spent time getting lumber for my dj-booth project and unpacking a lot of books and records. Then this evening, I rode up to REI and got my first pair of climbing shoes. On Monday I’ll go bouldering again.. this time in proper footwear. Can’t wait!

Meanwhile,I reckon I’ll try to get some sleep and prepare for the weekend.

By the way: the video above was shot in standard definition because I still need to get a larger memory card for my helmet cam. The next video will be in high def.. I promise.


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