Adamthelizard says…

Beauty is all around us.


Thank you for visiting! Lay your peepers on the whole collection of Composite images. Order your free lizard-head stickers. Read some new blog entries about Mr Lizard’s wild ride. And let your eardrums bounce to the sound of Adamthelizard’s own rhythmic expressions.

ART is our food. MUSIC is our pulse.The RIDE is our journey.

LIFE is there in the little things and ensures that our existence is more than just mere formality.

Everyday we exist in the most amazing piece of artwork ever created. Enjoy it!



Perurail 2.1_Watermarked_Jpeg

Pause for a moment and smell the roses. Venture off the beaten path.

Dance in the supermarket. Smile at the world. Feel the beat.

Give Love. Find joy. Do what you feel. Live life and eat more art!

Thank you for visiting and please keep in touch,


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