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Adamthelizard is Adam P. Lawrence, a Los Angeles based production sound mixer for film and television. Call/txt/email for booking, check out his IMdB or his I.A.T.S.E. Local‘s info.

Adamthelizard is also a visual artist working with installation art and photo manipulation. Lay your peepers on the whole collection of his large scale composite-images here.

Adamthelizard is also DJ-EsOne, who mixed dance music off vinyl before “edm” even existed. He also co-founded a  pirate-radio station and produced a weekly music show.

Adamthelizard is, finally, a spiritual being having a human experience. Riding bikes, making stuff, meeting folks, telling stories, finding connection, and loving the journey.

ART is our food. MUSIC is our pulse.The RIDE is our journey.


LIFE is there in the little things and ensures that our existence is more than just mere formality.


Everyday we are moving through the most amazing piece of artwork ever created. Enjoy it!



Perurail 2.1_Watermarked_JpegPause for a moment.

Venture off the beaten path.

Dance in the aisles. Feel the beat.

Give Love. Find joy. Do what you feel.

Make something for the world.

Live life and eat more art!

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